New Classes on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons
starting again in May 2024.

Contact us for further information.

Chi Kung is similar to Tai Chi but is simpler, and therefore easier, to learn, combining gentle repetitive movement exercises with mindfulness, visualisation and meditation techniques.

Chi Kung explores both stillness and movement and is a form of exercise that gives you energy.

So, would you like to ….
If you do then Chi Kung classes may be worth a try.

There are many different interpretations of Chi Kung. We practice a form of Elemental Chi Kung that is a progressive, westernized form based on Taoist principles. Since 2006, Class Leaders have each completed four years of teacher training and postgraduate teacher training in Chi Kung with the College of Elemental Chi Kung as well as trainings and workshops with other noted Chi Kung teachers.

Classes at:-

Bredfield Village Hall, IP13 6AX
(2 miles North of Woodbridge)

Tuesday & Thursday Afternoons
1:30pm to 2:45pm

Beginners welcome at any time - your first class is free and without obligation.
So why not come along and try Chi Kung, and discover its amazing benefits for yourself.
Early morning Chi Kung, on retreat, in the mountains of Hubei, China
• Feel more energetic yet rested
• Give yourself time to focus on yourself
• Improve your posture, balance & coordination
• Improve bone density and joint mobility
• Get fit and healthy in a non-strenuous way
• Increase your sense of well-being
• Lower blood pressure and ease breathing
• Ease stress, tension and anxiety
• Reduce headaches, backache and muscular pain
• Combat depression and insomnia

• Ease joint and back pain
• Enhance your meditation practice
Early morning Chi Kung, on retreat, in the mountains of Hubei, China
For further information phone 07432151310 or email

Chi Kung Classes for Wellness and Longevity